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Adam Blanch

Psychologist, Facilitator, Educator, Writer, Program Developer, Speaker.


Adam has been a therapist for 37 years, employing over 40 therapeutic approaches. He specialises in treating trauma, complex trauma and personality disorders, and treats most psychological dysfunction. 

Adam also provides professional training, program development and group work facilitation. Adam has an ethos of providing his clients with the skills and knowledge to empower themselves to a better life.

Adam began his therapy work in somatic and process oriented trauma treatments such as rebirthing, trauma massage and psychodrama. He has studied more than 40 approaches to treatment but mostly uses narrative and neuro-affective approaches these days. He has worked in community services, forensic services, family services, mental health rehabilitation services and private practice.

Adam has special interest in the fields of trauma, the psychology of interpersonal violence, the psychology of identity and the psychology of society. 

He has also freelanced as a professional writer on subjects as diverse as:


  • Organisational Psychology and Leadership

  • Small Business Management and Marketing  

  • Diversity, Social Change and Social justice


Adam has written and is currently publishing several children’s books designed to help children increase their resilience and self-esteem.



Adam is a registered Psychologist with several degrees in mental health including:

Bachelor of Indigenous Studies (Trauma and Healing) Southern Cross University

Graduate Diploma of Psychology

Southern Cross University

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours)

Queensland University of Technology

Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology

The Cairnmillar Institute


Adam has training and experience in the following therapeutic modalities:


  • CBT, ACT, DBT, SFT, EFT, IPT, MI and Narrative Therapy

  • Somatic Release, Trauma Massage, Rebirthing

  • Psychodrama, Shadow Work ®, Constellation Therapy, Process Work

  • Voice Dialogue Therapy, Ego Reintegration Therapy

  • Regression Therapy, TImeline Therapy, Rewind Therapy, Bilateral Stimulation Therapy



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