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Healing the Critical Voice

Most people seem to have a voice inside their head which is making life unpleasant and even intolerable. This voice is often demanding, critical, rejecting and demeaning to the person, which causes bad feelings, self-doubt, low self-esteem, restrictions and suffering.

The good news is that this does not have to continue like this. We can actually turn this inner critic into and inner coach that validates, encourages and empowers us to achieve our dreams.

Where: In person in Byron Bay

Catering: Morning and afternoon tea provided BYO Lunch

Time: 10am to 4pm

Cost: $165

2024 Dates

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What is the Critical Voice?

So it makes no sense that we have a voice in our head that wants to disempower, demean and restrict our ability to be happy and successful in life, unless we understand where it came from and why its is here. The Austrian Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud called this voice the 'super ego' which means 'above the ego' and told us that it internalises the social prohibitions and dangers of our child hood environment to help us adapt to that environment and get our needs met.

This means that the critical voice is actually trying to protect us by getting us loved and supported instead of rejected, punished and even abandoned when we are children. It achieves this by 'demanding' that we behave in ways that will get us what we need, and by prohibiting or repressing any feelings, impulses or behaviours that will be disapproved of and might get us rejected in that environment. The more dangerous or neglectful the environment was, the more extreme the critical voice is likely to be.

So we can think of this voice inside us as a type of trauma that needs to be healed, or as a program our brain wrote to protect us a long time ago that needs to be updated, because we are no longer helpless dependent children and we can take care of ourselves now. We need a new program that helps us to do that.

This course is a one day course in which you will

  • Learn to understand your critical voice and how it has been hurting and restrictin you

  • Understand structural trauma and the ways we become disintegrated and disempowered by it

  • Learn how to heal it and reprogram it to become the inner coach that is helping you be your whole self

  • Learn how to reparent and reintegrate the pieces of you that have been rejected and repressed to finally become your whole self living your best life.

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