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Psychological Counselling and Coaching

Good Psychology offers counselling and coaching services online. Our goals is to get your the outcomes you desire in the shortest time possible. 

In Person Services

Medicare rebates are available to those with a Better Access Mental Health Care Plan which can be attained by visiting your GP. Eligible people can receive rebates for up to 20 sessions per calendar year.


Online Services

Online services can be booked using our Appointments link below. Online counselling is done via Coviu, a secure video consultation platform that requires no software download on your part, only access to adequate internet.

Medicare rebates are now available for online sessions for all people with a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan.


Fees are on a sliding scale appropriate to your level of income.

Standard Session (50 minutes)

$145 (Unemployed, low income)

$175 (Employed)

Long Session (80 minutes)

$175 (Unemployed, low income)

$215 (Employed)

Rebates for people with a current Medicare Mental Health Care Plan are $88.25 per session. 


We offer counselling for most psycholgoical issues including

  • Mood and emotional disturbances

  • Anxiety and panic issues

  • Trauma, complex trauma and PTSD

  • Life stage counselling'

  • Adjusment issues

  • Career and goals counselling

  • Addiction and impulse control

  • Self esteem and identity issues

  • Anger and violence issues

  • Personality and behavioural issues

  • Forensic issues

  • Employaee Assistance Counselling

  • Bullying and Harrasment Issues


Coaching can help you to identify, set and pursue your goals in life by giving you

  • Help with setting and refining your goals and mapping your path to their achievement

  • Accountability to keep you on track to achieving your goals

  • Help with identifying and overcoming obstacles such as self-sabotage, self-esteem and entitlement issues

Rebates and Payment Schemes accepted





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