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Trauma School

Trauma School is a 5 day training that combines our treating trauma and treating complex trauma courses into one intensive program. It is a comprehensive program designed to equip therapists with a deep understanding of trauma and a strong suite of tools and approaches that enables them to respond to trauma with brief interventions that are effective and safe.

Participants will gain skills and experience in a suite of trauma therapies, tools, assessments and strategies for treating trauma and complex trauma.


The course is structured to comply with Australian Psychology Board guidelines for Continuing Professional Development. It covers the following topics 

  • Theory: A comprehensive understanding of modern neuro-affective trauma theory, including complex trauma theory. The theory component offers a holistic model of trauma and traumatic symptoms as adaptive responses to aversive events, consistent with Trauma Informed Principles and the Power, Threat, Meaning Framework of mental health. 

  • Assessment: How to safely get everything you need to know in one session, including their relevant history, adaptations to trauma, coping behaviours, core schemas, goals and barriers to success without over-activating the client.

  • Planning and Formulation: How to structure an effective intervention, choose the appropriate therapies and communicate that to a client in a way that empowers their buy-in

  • Skills: A suite of Therapeutic Responses including

  1. Narrative Reauthoring for single and multiple traumas including narrative timeline work

  2. Memory reconsolidation approaches to trauma

  3. Timeline Therapy (NLP) and associated imaginal intervention techniques

  4. Parts work - methods and models for working with internalised and conflicted 'parts' of a person's psychology including ego reconciliation, imaginal conferencing, gestalts and psychodrama.


This is an experiential skills training that requires participants to engage as both the client and the therapist in all processes using real world experience for processing. Participants must be practicising therapists (social worker, psychologist, psychotherapist, counsellor, allied health professional) with a minimum of two years training and/or experience. Participants must not be under the influence of psychoactive substances or have experiencied active psychosis within a 12 month period prior to participation.

  • Accommodation not included

  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided

  • All materials are provided

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The program is designed and facilitated by Adam Blanch, an Australian Registered Psychologist with more than 30 years experience in providing individual and group trauma treatment, employing over 30 treatment approaches.  

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