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Viable Volunteering Workshop

Helping organisations to develop and maintain a healthy culture for volunteers.

Volunteer organisations contribute huge social capital to society and enormous value to the lives of the volunteers and the people they serve. However, they often run into some typical problems that inhibit their ability to function effectively and lead to attrition among their volunteers.


This workshop helps organisations to create and maintain effective volunteering cultures by engaging your volunteers in the process. Organisations that engage their volunteer workforce in the formation of their culture create volunteer buy-in that translates into retention and productivity.

This workshop also gives your volunteers understanding about their own motivations, expectations and attitudes that both enhance and inhibit the goals of the group. This leads to a culture that is self-correcting and self-sustaining.


This is an interactive workshop where participants apply the knowledge to themselves and their organisations and collaborate to create cultures that serve everyone’s needs. participants finish with a clearer understanding of their responsibilities and the needs of the collective. This empowers volunteers at all levels to work collaboratively and avoid the personality problems that often create problems in groups.


1 day, typically 9-5 but can be varied by arrangement

Audience: All members of a volunteer organisation

Numbers: Workshop can accomodate up to 100 participants


  • Why people volunteer, and why they leave: Common and unique factors that motivate and demotivate volunteers

  • Power, Politics and Personalities: The things that tear volunteering to pieces

  • Gender and Culture: Why a once size fits all approach doesn’t work, and what does

  • Creating cultures of mutual responsibility and mutual rights

  • Trip-ups: Understanding how I am likely to create problems as volunteer.

  • Communication, protocols and accountability: Building a framework for the future of your organisation

Facilitator​ - Adam Blanch

Adam is a psychologist with over 30 years experience as a volunteer and leader of volunteers. He has seen the best and the worst of volunteering and is passionate about creating effective cultures that serve the needs of volunteers and organisations.

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