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Professional training for volunteer organisations

Volunteers are the backbone of the Australian community, yet they are often overlooked and taken for granted. This means that for some, their efforts are deeply rewarding while for others their experince is frustrating and sometimes even harmful to their wellbeing.

There is an art to creating and maintaining good volunteering cultures. Good Psychology offers a range of trainigs for volunteers and their managers to help you keep your volunteer organisation positive, helpful and viable.

Training for volunteers

We have trainings specifically for volunteers that help them to understand, create and maintain a viable culture for their organisation.


Viable Volunteering is a one day workshop that gives your volunteer team skills and knowledge to participate collaboratively in the life of your organisation.

Triumph over Vicarious Trauma is a 2 day workshop that prepares first responders and front line volunteers to cope with the challenges of their work and avoid PTSD and burnout.

Training for volunteer leaders

Volunteer organisations live and die on the strength of their team leaders and managers. Good Psychology offers training programs that provide the skills to succesfully manage volunteer teams


Managing Volunteers is a two day workshop that gives your volunteer team leaders the skills and understading to understand the difference between a volunteer and paid team, motivate volunteers, deal with the personality issues that inevitably arise and keep the team together.

Triumph over Vicarious Trauma for leaders is a one day workshop that prepares team leaders to manage the impact of traumatic exposure for their team. Participants learn how to recognise the signs of trauma, when and how to intervene and when to seek help.

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