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The Psychology Edge
 Psychology Based Training for Your Team

Practitioner Training and Continuing Professional Development

Bringing your team top-of-the-line training in the theory and practice of professional therapy, coaching and client work. Our understanding of human beings is advancing all the time, but sometimes our practices don't keep up. Often this is left to individual practitioners to do their CPD, which is costly and time consuming. That's where Good Psychology comes in - providing cutting edge training directly to the workplace.


We offer an extensive range of modalities, approaches and issues.  We can also customise training to your needs.

First Responder and Practitioner Health and Wellbeing

Being a practitioner or first responder is hard. These people have to deal with the worst of what humanity has to offer on a daily basis, and this can take its toll on their own wellbeing. Being constantly exposed to trauma and circumstances that we have limited resources to respond to, can lead to vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, anxiety, depression and burn-out.

Good Psychology offers a range of workshops and trainings to help your workforce continue to help others, by keeping their own mental health in good shape.

Business Health and Wellbeing Services

The pressures of business often take a heavy toll on the people who are the heart and soul of success. Businesses that put in the effort to make sure their staff are resourced and cared for reap the rewards in productivity, reduced absenteeism, morale and creativity. In short - happy staff equals a happy business. Good Psychology offers a range of programs to help your business thrive.

  • Leadership and supervision training

  • Staff wellbeing education and training

  • Positive workplace culture and diversity training

Businesses can choose from our current programs or we can customise a program to your needs.

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