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Training for Associations and Peak Bodies

Associations and Peak Bodies are the often overlooked engines of social good. Though typically under-resourced, they deliver vital services to some of the most important people in Australia, the people who help other people. By providing training and development opportunities to their members they accomplish what their members cannot do on their own.

At Good Psychology we have a huge soft spot for these organisations and our policy is to bring you the best training in a way that is accesible and affordable for your members. We can tailor our services and trainings to your needs.

Good Psychology offers a range of trainings that are applicable to most people in the social services sector, including resilience training, client services training, supervision and leadership training, clinical specialist trainings in trauma and client program development.

And if we don't have it, as a specialist member of the Xfactor Collective we can probably refer you to someone who does.

Giving a Speech

We love working with the people who love working with the people.

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